Coleman will never see this

I simply love Mr. Coleman. And I’m going to gush about him for a bit here, and it’s fine…because I know he’ll never see it.

And those of you who could…don’t share it with him. I don’t need him coming and telling me I went too far.

He’s a great leader. Why?

  • He has a willingness to change, if it’s going to be better for kids. Parent conferences were my first chance to see this in a big way. We had an idea, he said, “Let’s look into it!”
  • He always says “Together, we’re smarter than a super computer!”
  • He is ALL about kids. Kids flock to him. They know he loves them. They think he’s funny. They know he’s kind. They know he won’t dismiss them out of hand. He’s got nicknames for them. He’s got pet phrases with them. He calls them in to talk about their grades and then holds them accountable. AND THEY CHANGE. For him. That’s his power.
  • He reminds us on Fridays that it’s Friday. All day.
  • He is a great listener. He knows how to diffuse an angry parent (by listening). He knows how to get to the root of a problem (by listening). He knows how to discover new solutions (by listening). He knows how to get a defiant kid to ultimately admit they need to change (by listening). And he knows it. I’ve heard him say, “You really want to get to know what somebody’s all about? Let ’em talk.” Let’s just say that listening is a skill I could develop.
  • He calls me on his drive home just to tell me he appreciates me.
  • He knows how to treat people. He won’t put up with a fool. He engages people that need love. He silences toxic people by praising what’s good in them. He lets some kids have a really long leash (because most people in those kids’ lives are beating them down). He lets me play devil’s advocate…and pushes back (and I don’t feel threatened). He is constantly frustrating adults by loving kids extravagantly…I think he knows we shouldn’t always give kids “what they deserve”. If you’re not pulling your weight, he doesn’t hold back. I’ve let him down a few times…I’ll tell you what, that’s a pretty good motivator to not do it again!
  • He buys me mixed nuts from Walmart sometimes. No peanuts!

I simply love him. #ThankfulThursday

Coleman will never see this