“…underneath all of the parts of us that are wrecked and wounded and flawed and human is God-in-us.” — Leeana Tankersley, Brazen

I have a great friend who is an author. She has written three books, and lots of blog posts. I don’t have any evidence that she has any other male readers (her latest book, especially, is specifically targeted to women), but I don’t mind. Her stuff just hits me at my core. She often puts into words exactly how I feel about something that I have not been able to express well. I might even say that reading her words sometimes crystallizes even for ME what I feel.

In any event, I’ve been doing a lot of hard soul work lately (think half-hour daily homework for the Bible-based recovery group I attend). And one of the concepts that I struggle with mightily is my identity in Christ. I feel like I choose to label myself a sinner. And I reject the notion that I am good at my core. I feel more like a wretch that is only worthy of God’s love because of that very love he has for me (if that makes any sense).

So this idea that at my very Center is God…it’s hard to accept. It’s hard to grasp. In fact, I think perhaps my Adversary wants desperately for me to not believe it. If I can actually wrap my head around this idea, I get the notion that it might just change everything.

And Lord knows…I could go for that.

“Goodness lies deeper in the heart of man’s nature than sin, which came later and entered from the outside. Goodness lies deeper in man because God put himself there. It was very good! Goodness is intrinsic to man’s nature; sin is not. Sin is the corrupting virus that has temporarily corrupted goodness.”

— Michael Phillips, A God to Call Father