A Newsletter for the Digital Age

What you’re seeing below is the first digital newsletter published at Abraham Lincoln Middle School in Selma, CA. I work there as the Program Manager, and this has been a dream of mine for two years.

Why a digital newsletter? Well, we’re fighting the battle of kids not taking things home when we give it to them (better said: things disappearing into the black holes that are called backpacks). Printing and mailing a traditional newsletter would get cost-prohibitive quickly, and besides…

*This digital form has clickable links! In this issue, that means links to the athletics website, links to the testing calendar, and a link to the Spanish version!

*We can send this multiple ways: we sent via Remind. When we get our email list up-and-running next year, we’ll do that, too. We can put a link (and QR code) on progress reports that are mailed home. We can post it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We even print a couple copies to have in the front office (nobody really needs it, but we provide it).

*I can include high quality photos! I didn’t take full advantage of it in this issue, but that’s pretty neat. The little, grainy photos shared in most newsletters aren’t that great. In this format, you can really see the detail!

*The ability to update after sending is nice: If I’ve got a date wrong or even want to add a whole new slide, it’s super easy! Cool, huh!

A Newsletter for the Digital Age