#FollowFriday Amy Fadeji

This is my favorite picture of Amy (she’s in the lower left corner in salmon), because this is the infectious love for life that I hope to encourage in my staff!

So…just a little bit of internet love for one of my favorite people that I hardly know, Amy Fadeji. Here’s her bio from the conference she’s presenting at RIGHT NOW (#Lead3):

Amy Fadeji is the principal of Penngrove Elementary in Petaluma, California. In her fourth year as principal, she continues to find herself reaching out to educators across the country to build a growing network of innovative and inspiring colleagues. After attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and later the University of Southern Mississippi, Amy taught second and third grades for seven years in Mobile, Alabama and San Anselmo, California before launching her career in administration. Amy finds great joy spending her days supporting students and teachers in their learning adventures. She is passionate about modeling and encouraging risk-taking, fostering collaboration, and she delights in helping other administrators and teachers do the same! You can follow Amy on Twitter (@mrsfadeji) or read her latest blog post at mrsfadeji.blogspot.com.

On a personal note, I met Amy at a #LeadWild session at a GAFE Summit last summer. I think we bonded over the fact that I heckled her just minutes into her session. She’s a firecracker, and has an energy that I possess in spurts (when I’m on stage), but she is like the Energizer Bunny! She has been such a great encouragement to me. She chats with me on Voxer to bounce ideas about admin stuff and my GAFE presentation. She pushes me to take risks and find joy in every day. She’s a great cheerleader to have in your corner!

We share in common: a faith that guides us, a love of Spanish (though I’m gathering I’m a bit more proficient than her in which we are both amazingly fluent), an affinity for Dave Ramsey, a love of techie stuff (but I think more a love of kids), a desire to love on our teachers, and dexterity with a selfie stick.

The biggest disagreement we have is over glitter. She’s got it all wrong. #teamnoglitter

You can find her on Twitter: @mrsfadeji

Instagram: @amyfadeji

Voxer: I don’t know how to explain how to find people on Voxer

#LeadWild: follow this hashtag…you’ll be inspired and nudged

It was Amy’s birthday yesterday, so why not give her the gift of a new follower!

#FollowFriday Amy Fadeji