#FollowFriday @justintarte

When I finally dipped my toes into the Twitter stream, I stumbled upon Justin Tarte. If I’m not mistaken, I think he was a German teacher (so I probably found him through foreign language teachers’ hashtag…maybe #flteach). Then he became a principal, and this was at the same time I was beginning my studies to become an administrator myself.

In any event, he’s one of the first people I really paid attention to on Twitter. He has always been amazingly prolific (multiple posts per day), but his CONTENT was always so good! Check it out for yourself:


Just one quick example…leadership lessons.

What draws me to people like Dr. Tarte is his intense focus on what’s right for kids. His feed also constantly places the latest in educational thought and leadership in my face. After all, that’s still what pulls me to Twitter most — the chance to clarify my thinking, to encounter expert opinions, and to be challenged whenever I choose to log in.

#FollowFriday @justintarte