When opportunity knocks…

Will I be ready?


I have a profound respect for former UCLA coach John Wooden. It’s cool that his teams won all those championships, but that’s not what catches my attention. It’s how people talk about his character.

If you want to take yourself to school, just google John Wooden quotations. As for me, I’ve purchased a biography about the man, and am looking forward to learning from his example. (To be honest, though, that book is probably 10th on my current reading list. I’m making progress, but ever-so-slowly.)

As for today’s quotation, I think my takeaway is this. I catch myself often looking for the next opportunity…what exactly would be the best job for me? Do I want to be a vice principal? Do I want to move to a district job? Do I want to strike out in an entrepreneurial move and do presentations and consulting? If I get too caught up in those thoughts, I can miss the everyday chances to grow and learn. The work that I’m doing NOW is super-important. I have opportunities each and every hour to sharpen my skills, to learn about people and relationships, to develop my character and habits to be the type of person that will be afforded the opportunity (when it knocks) to show who I am.

Practically, I think this is a good reminder for me to look ahead on my calendar! I’ve been in my job as program manager for almost two years now. I’m learning the rhythm. I am getting a handle on what tasks need to be done in which months. I know that I need to look ahead and think about what budget expenditures were made LATE last year, and anticipate them for THIS year…

There are Dave Ramsey personal finance implications, too.

What does the quotation jog in you?

When opportunity knocks…