Need help? Ask Alice.

Every Tuesday, I’m going to share a tech tip or resource with you. Today, I’m sharing

Alice Keeler is an absolute machine. She is a prolific tweeter and blogger. She curates resources and tips an a crazy rate. I would get all judge-y and make a quip about how she must not have a life, but I have seen the evidence the she does, indeed, seem to balance it all (kids, teaching, presenting, constant tweeting)! I honestly don’t know enough about her to write any more here, but that’s okay…what I’m sharing is her website and her twitter handle.

If you ever have a question about Google Sheets or Google Classroom, just tweet her: @alicekeeler She’ll respond within minutes. Actually, before you hit her up with a tweet, just check out her website! The answer is probably there. Her stuff is just awesome. For instance, just today, she tweeted out a link to her blog post demonstrating how to concatenate. I happen to have known this trick (heck, I might have learned it from her), but I just love it! Concatenating is smashing two things together. Like…I have a column of student id numbers, and want to create a column of their email addresses. Concatenate the ID numbers with…BOOM. Done.

In any event, check her out. On Twitter AND on her website. On a side note, I was tickled when I saw that she joined the Dave Burgess empire. Love that guy! #tlap

Need help? Ask Alice.